Lynden, WA

  • Lining existing underground storm and sewer piping
  • Tear out and reinstall new large and small stainless and CPVC under and above ground piping
  • Concrete work for silo foundation pads, equipment pads, retaining walls, ramps, slabs, stairs, column pads, stainless trench drains, containment walls, core drilling, concrete cutting, masonry walls, large and small asphalt repairs
  • Structural steelwork for new metal buildings, exterior and interior metal sheeting and flashings, railing, walkways, roof and joist repairs, heavy and light gauge metal stud framing
  • Mechanical work for HVAC new and repairs, plumbing lines and fixture new and repairs
  • Thermal moisture install and repair, ridged wall insulation, piping, spray coatings, roofing, windows, wall and ceiling washable surfaces
  • Doors and windows, new and replacement, hollow metal and stainless doors and frames, new hardware, hardware replacement, office, restroom and kitchen installs