Lynden Middle School

Lynden, WA

King Architects


Summer 2018

The Lynden Middle School project consisted of building a new 127,872 SF middle school on Line Road to replace the existing aging middle school on Front Street.

In addition to the building, the project included the construction of sports fields and tennis courts. The school is a two story, majority wood framed structure with structural steel framing at the cafeteria and CMU block for the gym.

The school has both a main and auxiliary gym, wood and metal shops, covered play area, cafeteria and library in addition to classrooms and administrative offices.

“Working with Tiger was a great experience. Some of the things I liked most about working with Tiger was their team approach and commitment to providing great customer service. Given all the variables of a large construction project the folks at Tiger always worked to problems solve issues in a positive way and went above and beyond to reach the best outcome. I would recommend Tiger Construction to anyone who is looking for a company that operates with integrity and a strong commitment to excellence.”